You get hundreds of emails every day and just don't know how to deal with them?

Your social media accounts have fallen asleep,but you can't find the time to use them?

You don't have time for the things that should be running in background ?

Your community has to wait a long timeuntil you get around to answering??

I will be happy to support you in these areas as well:

SocialMedia Management

Your accounts have fallen asleep? Or you just don't have fun working
with them?
I'm happy to help you with the creation of a content plan and the creation of social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), to revive your accounts.

I'm happy to create carousel posts, reels or simple posts for you.

Here I also attach importance to the selection of hashtags (hashtag research included) and the writing of the text..

Community Management

Your community has to wait for new posts from you??

Do you simply not have the time to answer comments?

I will gladly take over the management of your social media channels or Facebook groups for you..

Regular posting and replying to comments and other contributions plays a big role in the success of groups and social media accounts and thus your business.

Customer support

Are your emails getting on top of you?

Answering them is simply no fun for you or takes up unnecessary time??

I take over the answering of your mails for you..

If you want, I can also create sample replies for you.Tailored to your community.

Graphics creation

You love to write texts, but you don't have a knack for creating graphics?

You would like to have powerful and effective graphics for your external appearance?

I would be happy to create for you
exceptional graphics, tailored to you and your business.

No matter if you need them for social media, your website or for your blog articles, I will create customized graphics with a "wow effect"..

Text creation

I'm happy to write blog articles your blog articles,tailored to you, create freebies or workbooks for you.

I'm also happy to transcribe your videos or podcasts for you.

Working with different clients, I have learned to adapt to their needs and language.It doesn't matter, if you want your article to be written in a casual youth language or or or in a technical article , I can create a text that fits your corporate identity .


Here you can find my price list for this offer.

I also like to work with package prices, which I tailor to my customers. 
We can discuss this in a personal call.