My help with your online course

You have a great idea for an online course, but don't know how to approach the topic ?
You've your finished shooting your videos, but have no idea about editing and sound quality??
You are looking for support for Elopage or Apprex??
You know your way around, but just don't have the time ?
I'm happy to help you with the editing and the technical setup of your course on your preferred platform.
bevorzugten Plattform.

As your Virtual Assistant, I can support you in only every conceivable way.

I'll list some possibilities for you here. Of course, my work is not limited to these. In a non-binding and free conversation I can tell you in which areas around your Online courses I can support you.

Feel free to read through my other offers on my website. 

This will give you a very good overview of my skills and also what I can offer you as a virtual assistant .

Structuring together

You have a great topic for an online course, but don't know how to approach it?
Or you already know your content, but you are not sure how to structure it? ?

In a video call you tell me about your idea and the contentyou want to have in your course. I will help you to structure and build your online course in a meaningful way..

Upload on your preferred platform

You just don't have a knack for technology??
Not sure where to market your online course or how to even upload it ?
Together we will decide which provider is the most suitable for you. Then I will create for you a seller account and upload your files.. Of course I can also create the right design for the platform and the texts for you .
This also includes the creation of a landing page and the link to your email account..

Video editing

Your videos are finished, but you don't know how to edit them??

You have a rough idea how exactly it should look (or not),don't know any more?
I'm happy to help you put together and edit your online course videos.
I will edit your videos, cut out mistakes and add presentations as well. I can also create an intro and outro for you if needed.. Here I edit for you, among other things, the video image qualityand thus create a coherent whole..

Creation of workbook, handout, summaries.

You've your finished videosbut would like to have a written summary or workbook for them. The creation of these is just not you or you have no time for this?
I will gladly take over the creation of your documentsfor you. I can also do the design and the creation of suitable graphics for you . And that so that your buyer receives a coherent whole .

Since the processing of an online course is very individual, I can't give you exact prices here

But to get a rough feel for my prices, you can check out my other "price list for more quotes"..

However, you are welcome to arrange a free and non-binding meeting with me and I will then create
for you an offer tailored to your needs.